Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial

Goodchild, Peter. Read by Edward Asner, John de Lancie, et. al. The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial. L.A. Theater Works, 2006. Audiobook.


  • "A recreation of the 1925 trial of young science teacher John Thomas Scopes, which sparked the evolution versus creationism debate."
My Thoughts
I started listening to this audio book while getting ready for my day off of school. I ended up listening to the whole book that day--while cleaning, sorting pictures, making lunch. It was interesting to hear this historical court case "played" out. It was much more interesting than I remember learning about in school. In fact, I think we just heard "Here's a case--know about it---it's important." OK, in fairness, we probably actually talked about it with more detail, but as I was a boy-crazy teenager, I probably wasn't paying attention. 

There are many actors in this play, so at times, I actually wasn't sure who was talking. It didn't matter. The story kept going. I kept thinking about Paul Harvey's "the rest of the story" when hearing the back story of how this monumental court case came to be. 

Glad to have listened to this play. 

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