Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Savage Grace

Despain, Bree. The Savage Grace: A Dark Divine Novel. New York: Egmont, 2012. Print.

My Thoughts
This was the worst written books of the trilogy. I think Despain figured that she had a readership, so she didn't have to try hard to sell this book. I was very disappointed!

There were some very unrealistic scenes (despite the fact that Grace is an infected werewolf) that I just didn't buy into. Again, it seemed that Despain was forcing the story. The entire set up for the challenging ceremony seemed too cliche, "let's kick some butt girl power!"

Some things are explained in this installment, like what a perfected urbat is (Despain 188). We learn more about Daniel's genealogy and the new character Talbot appears (and reappears and reappears). The clues pointing to his character were too obvious.

The title reference is on page 470. Ironically, I was at Disneyworld when I was reading the Peter Pan reference (page 382).

I kept thinking that I probably would like this book more if I didn't feel like I'd read it before now or if I was a 17 year old girl looking for a 17 year old heroine story.

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