Thursday, January 26, 2012

Profiles in Fashion: Marc Jacobs

Branscomb, Leslie Wolf. Profiles in Fashion: Marc Jacobs. Greensboro, NC: Morgan Reynolds, 2011. Print.

My Thoughts
Why do people follow this inane nut? Now that I have read his story, I will not be so impressed with his label. He is credited for making the grunge look fashionable. Strike one. He is a drug addict. Strike two. He makes absurd comments that make him seem humble (or at least are trying to) when they just scream for attention. Strike three.

One example is when he describes a "dumb blouse." "'I love a blouse that's dumb. I love to use the word "dumb." It's not knowing, and the word "blouse" is so out of fashion that I love it: a blouse that's dumb'" (qtd. in Branscomb 87). What is he saying? Yeah, I don't know either.

An amusing note about Marc Jacobs' awards is that of the Parsons award. He only received it because Tom Ford quit Gucci right before the awards were given. One requirement of receiving the award is to be employed. There isn't a Tom Ford book in this series, but I would read it if there was.

One thing I'm learning about reading this series Profiles in Fashion is that many designers don't even work for their own label anymore. Very interesting. Only one more to read: Vera Wang.

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