Monday, January 23, 2012

Profiles in Fashion: Isaac Mizrahi

Petrillo, Lisa. Profiles in Fashion: Isaac Mizrahi. Greensboro, NC: Morgan Reynolds Publishing, 2011. Print.

My Thoughts
I found it interesting to read about this person who, to me, just "hit" the market, only to learn that he's actually been in the fashion business since the 1980s! This book was just a scratch on the surface of his life and didn't really include much about his designs (a disappointment). I also didn't think the pictures, they seemed relevant, but also space fillers (for example, there's a picture of "tailoring tools" and two pages later, a different picture of the same thing). (pages 20 & 22). The pictures also repeat in the book.

There is also a printing error because page 73 begins mid-sentence.

The book mentions a documentary made that follows Mizrahi as he tries to prepare for a fashion show. "Though fifteen years old, the file remains so popular it is still widely available...It is considered among the best movies about fashion ever made" (Petrillo 39). Hmmm....I can't buy it from my book vendor. How popular is it really?

I learned a little about how is Isaac Mizrahi, but I'm disappointed that I didn't get a feel for his designs. I would not recommend this book to others unless they are desperate for a source.

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