Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hopkins, Ellen. Crank. New York: Simon Pulse, 2004. Print.

My Thoughts
As I read this, I kept thinking about my own daughter and how much I pray that she never meets The Monster!

Hopkins' book is semi-autobiographical. Her daughter was an honor student, "good girl" and participated in activities until she found meth. As a way to help herself cope, Hopkins began writing this book. What is created is a wonderful description of how this drug can enter a person's life and change them, even creating an alter ego, as well as how the family is changed.

I feel such empathy for Kristina because she wants to be a grown up so badly, but she isn't aware of the how others play this game of life. Because she is naive, she falls prey to bad circumstances that truly are life-changing. I HATE Brendan for using her!

Can't wait to read Glass to learn what happens next.

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