Friday, March 28, 2014

The Prince: A Selection Novella

Cass, Kiera. The Prince: A Selection Novella. New York: Harper Teen, 2013. Kindle file.

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My Thoughts
This novella is the beginning of The Selection as told from Prince Maxon's perspective. VERY GOOD!

I was interested to see how nervous he was about this contest between girls to become his wife. His parents are more present in this story and what kind of people they are (I suspected I wouldn't like the King from the first book. Seeing him through his son's eyes doesn't change my opinion).

I hadn't thought about America, a Five, being a "throwaway pick" (Location 362). I was glad to read that he is a bit smitten with America. "This girl was the antithesis of everything I'd been expecting" (Location 514).  He describes her as a "walking rebellion" (Location 686).

When I read The Selection, I didn't keep close tabs on each girl (their name, description, social status), but reading this story, I noticed that even the overwhelmed Prince makes some distinctions. "I imagined Kriss next to Celeste, and thought of them as opposites" (Location 680).

I hope to start the next book in the series, The Elite this weekend. I'm very glad I took a chance on this series. It is refreshing to read a "chick lit" book that isn't so sappy and contrived.

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