Wednesday, April 17, 2013

War Horse

Morpurgo, Michael. War Horse. New York: Scholastic, 1982. Print.

My Thoughts
I understand that this is a "juvenile" book. However, I did catch myself thinking things like, "Wow, this horse understands German?" or "How is it that this horse can accurately describe a setting" when I would then catch myself wondering why I didn't question the narrative voice coming from the HORSE?!

Joey is a remarkable horse. His tale begins when Albert's father buys him at auction. He is later sold and sent to war. During his service, he was used in the cavalry, to pull an ambulance cart, a "prisoner" that helped move large guns, and as a symbol of peace between sides. His story comes full circle as he and Albert are reunited (you knew that would happen, right? After all, Joey is, at the very least, trilingual). Even though I knew this would happen, I was happy when Albert & Joey are reunited.

Morpurgo sets the story during a real historical event. He gives the reader a sense of the war at an age appropriate level (which is why the horse is a perfect, non-judgemental narrator).

I won't share how the book ends. You'll need to read it for yourself. Oh, the movie is a great visual of the book.

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