Monday, May 3, 2010

When Did I Get Like This?

Wilson, Amy. When Did I Get Like This? : The Screamer, The Worrier, The Dinosaur-Chicken-Nugget Buyer & Other Mothers I Swore I'd Never Be. New York: William Morrow, 2010.

Plot Summary
This is not a work of fiction. This is real life motherhood! Amy Wilson shares her experiences of pregnancies and raising her three favorite productions: Connor, Seamus, and Maggie.

My Thoughts
I laughed so much reading this book. Wilson's writing absolutely resonates with me. I heard Amy speak at the TLA Conference in April. She was hilarious, and I knew I would enjoy reading her book. Her insight into the daily requirements and expectations of motherhood captures the way I feel on any given day. Am I doing what I should? Am I molding my child into the self aware, confident, independent thinker that I want her to be without scarring her with insecurities and negative behavior patterns? "Am I doing what is best for her?" as Wilson explains these guilt missiles are aimed at mothers (4).

Wilson's three children provide the material for the book, but the accounts are universal. I've been there (and am still floundering) and thankfully, have made it through some of the obstacles. Wilson's oldest child is the same age as mine. As I read, I kept thinking that Wilson and I are kindred spirits. We've each learned that the best laid plan does not always matter. I also felt a bit of relief to read that some of my anxieties and reactions are shared.

My favorite parts of the book are when she describes her husband David's "involvement" with the children. These episodes are sprinkled throughout the book and provided me with the most gut splitting, tearing-eyed laughter. I saw these scenes because I occasionally live these scenes.

I think mothers (especially those in the throws of the job currently) will appreciate this book. I would love to purchase a copy for all of my friends, but I'll have to wait for the paperback. Until then, I'll pass my copy around. Maybe my friends can find a few free minutes to kick back, delve in and enjoy some quality "MMOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY" time!


Amy Wilson said...

Thank you Rachel for this lovely review! I had such a nice time at the TLA as well. So happy that you enjoyed the book!

Rachel Kammerer said...

WOW! I didn't think anyone was reading my blog, let alone a REAL author! Thanks for posting, but most importantly, thanks for writing that book!