Thursday, March 8, 2012

Profiles in Fashion: Vera Wang

Petrillo, Lisa. Profiles in Fashion: Vera Wang. Greensboro, NC: Morgan Reynolds, 2011. Print

My Thoughts
Finally, a designer that still owns their product! Of this entire series, Vera Wang is the only one (as of the book's printing) that did not sell their name.

It was interesting to know that Vera Wang actually started out in figure skating and even tried out for the Olympics. When that didn't happen, she began designing bridal gowns. Her father was not convinced that his daughter should do this, but eventually backed her financially. Her business was born and she has now spread out to many lines besides bridal wear. She even created figure skating outfits for Nancy Kerrigan. Her knowledge of the ice skater's needs helped her clinch this market.

Like the other books in this series, the photos correlate in some way to the story, but they might not be personal pictures for the topic. The book itself was only 100 pages.

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