Friday, January 8, 2010


Lookadoo, Justin. 97: Random Thoughts about Life, Love & Relationships. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell, 2007.

Plot Summary
This is a non-fiction book, so there's not a plot summary. The content is just exactly what the title offers: 97 random thoughts by Justin, his wife Emily and their friend Brooke (with a quest random thought by Mark Hall of Casting Crowns).

My Thoughts
I want every teenager to read this book! I picked this up because Justin and I went to college together. WOW! I am glad I did. As I read, I tried not to laugh too loud, as I was reading during Sustained Silent Reading (an assignment I give my students weekly). His very witty and clever writing style (not to mention the illustrations) appealed to me, and I know it would appeal to teenagers. It definitely is NOT a textbook! I had to turn the book every which way to read, which I found fun to do. I struggled to read thought #52 (hint: use a mirror!).

The book is based on scripture, but I'm hesitant to tell my students that for fear some won't even open the book. I've made personal suggestions to a few of my kids that I felt like needed to read the book and hope that I am living up to thought # 10. I've also suggested to other students to read it because I know they want to grow in their spiritual journey.

Thought #29 made me think the most. I'm not sure what I would do. I know what I want to say I would do, but if I actually were faced with the decision, I just don't know.

Thanks, Justin for listening and writing and being my Facebook friend. I wouldn't be able to share your thoughts in "My Thoughts" otherwise.

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